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Explore Dining Options Near La Palmilla

Welcome to La Palmilla, where your dining experience is as exquisite as your stay.  Whether you’re in the mood for a fine dining experience, casual fare, or a taste of local cuisine, our on-site eateries provide an exceptional variety of flavors and atmospheres. For those preferring the comfort of their suite or villa, we also offer convenient delivery options, bringing gourmet meals right to your door. Explore the vibrant dining scene near La Palmilla and discover why local culinary offerings are a highlight of your luxurious escape.

Delivered to La Palmilla:

For small or large groups:

Best Overall Dining Experience:

  • Oma Leen’s – Hico (25 min drive)

Local Options

  • Mama Mia Mexican Cuisine
  • Whiskey Woods – Steakhouse and Bar (Nice, Newest Restaurant – Great Ambiance)
  • Loco Coyote (expect long wait times on weekends, local secret/hidden dive, 15 minute drive)
  • Massey’s BBQ (Closest Restaurant to La Palmilla 5 min drive/Pickleball courts)
  • Hammond’s BBQ (Local Favorite)
  • RiverHouse Grill (Nice – Great Ambiance)
  • Sexton Mill (Best Patio)
  • Los Primos (Best Margarita)
  • 3B Beers, Brats & Burgers (All Outdoors, yardgames, patio)
  • Simple Simon Pizza (Best Pizza)
  • H&H Grill (Closed, need to remove)
  • Pie Peddlers (Best Desserts)
  • Shoo-Fly Soda Shop (Nostalgic Soda Fountain)
  • Blackie’s on the Square (Best Bar)
  • Storiebook Café (Best Lunch/Sandwich)
  • Big Cup Eatery (Best Variety)

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