Discover Unparalleled Accommodations with La Palmilla Resort

La Palmilla Resort is your premier destination for a distinctive lodging experience in Glen Rose, Texas. Nestled within an hour of the DFW area, our resort caters to the diverse needs of our guests, providing a blend of hotel luxury and the warmth of a vacation home. As a family-owned business, we take pride in offering a unique personal touch to every guest stay, event, wedding, or retreat, ensuring that each moment is special, important, and cared for.

Hosted Wedding Parties

Celebrate your special day in the enchanting surroundings of La Palmilla Resort. Our resort is designed to host weddings that are as unique as the love they celebrate. With 20 units, 32 bedrooms, and a total of 49 beds, we can accommodate your entire wedding party, ensuring that every moment of your big day is surrounded by the elegance and sophistication that La Palmilla offers.

Corporate Retreats

Elevate your corporate events with La Palmilla Resort. Our resort offers a unique combination of sophistication and relaxation, making it the perfect backdrop for productive meetings, team-building activities, and corporate retreats. Impress your team and clients with a venue that stands out, providing privacy and exclusivity for a seamless corporate experience.

Church and Non-Profit Retreats

Embark on a spiritual and reflective journey with La Palmilla Resort. Our serene atmosphere is an ideal setting for church and non-profit retreats, providing a secluded space where your group can gather, connect, and find renewal. Let the tranquil surroundings and thoughtful accommodations enhance your retreat experience.

Special Events

La Palmilla is the perfect location for your Family Reunion, Birthday Party, Engagement Celebration, Wedding/Baby Shower, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, and more. The flexible site allows for our guests to truly make the space their own providing a fun, intimate, and luxurious experience for everyone.

Weekday Travelers

Whether you’re on a business trip or seeking a mid-week escape, La Palmilla Resort welcomes weekday travelers with open arms. Our resort provides a sanctuary where you can blend productivity with relaxation, away from the demands of everyday life. Experience the comfort and warmth of our accommodations, making your weekday stay a seamless fusion of work and leisure.

Weekend and Holiday Travelers

Escape the ordinary and embrace a weekend or holiday getaway like never before. La Palmilla Resort is your haven for relaxation, offering a retreat where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Our Spanish Colonial-themed accommodations, coupled with lush oasis landscaping, create an ambiance that transports you to a world of tranquility, just an hour away from the bustling DFW area.

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Your Bespoke Experience Awaits

La Palmilla Resort stands out by offering more than just a place to stay. We provide an experience that combines the best of a hotel and vacation home, creating memories that last a lifetime. As you explore the services tailored for weekend travelers, wedding parties, weekday travelers, church and non-profit retreats, and corporate retreats, envision the possibilities that La Palmilla Resort can offer for your next special event or getaway.